Tjerk Stroband

Tjerk Stroband is an experienced Cloud Software Architect with a passion for security and a strong background in software development. His programming experience spans more than 24 years and includes a solid 2 decades in Java as well as some recent Python/NodeJS serverless coding. He spent the last eight years working for a SaaS provider offering Cloud based Lending solutions to financial service providers and recently switched to "the other side" when he joined Moneyou. There he's working on setting up a secure Serverless platform to run the banking workloads with a minimal TCO whilst staying compliant with all banking regulations.

Talk: Serverless-as-a-Bank: The journey of one bank to the stratosphere and beyond!

Banks are on a mission to provide better customer experience. Yet this can’t be achieved without the backing of an innovative culture. Our journey of discovery has led us to embrace Serverless computing. This is our story of how we are transforming an IT organisation in to a cloud-first culture.

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