Olaf Conijn


Olaf Conijn is a software developer and architect with almost 20 years experience. Throughout his career he has had experience in a breath of different companies which includes big tech as well as startups. In recent years Olaf has grown an interest in building software to innovate within the finance industry. His current mission at Moneyou is building a state of the art Serverless platform to support a short time to market, large scale of development, secure and compliant way of working as well as low run costs.

Talk: Serverless-as-a-Bank: The journey of one bank to the stratosphere and beyond!

Banks are on a mission to provide better customer experience. Yet this can’t be achieved without the backing of an innovative culture. Our journey of discovery has led us to embrace Serverless computing. This is our story of how we are transforming an IT organisation in to a cloud-first culture.

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